Our Mission

dooProcess is a spin-off of the legal term Due Process, which refers to "fair treatment through the judicial system, as a citizens entitlement." We are a street-wear clothing brand that advocates for social justice not only through our design but by our mission as well.

By purchasing dooProcess apparel you will not only be showing that you stand for no injustices, but you will also be putting money towards the fight against it. 15% of every purchase will be donated to a defense fund, the main goal of that fund will be to raise awareness and achieve social justice. We are not only a brand, but a movement. Let's change the world...Together! 

Our Founder

dooProcess was founded by Chad Williams, an African-American man and Buffalo State College graduate. While in college Chad went through an experience that he did not know at the time, but would change his life forever.

While a junior in college, he went out on a Saturday night as any other college student would, expecting to have a good time...that night Chad was arrested. Chad who was completely unaware of what was going on, has just fallen victim to one the many faults of the criminal justice system. Without doing any sort of due process, the police wrongfully arrested him and charged him with assault in the 3rd degree. It was another case of "it was that black guy."

All while being a junior in college, Chad had to experience the harsh reality of what the American court system was like for a young black man in America. From an appalling public defender who did not give him the time of day, to a judge who thought he was just another statistic caught doing bad. After a year of going back and forth to court and all odd's being stacked against him, Chad prevailed. Even though Chad was able to prove his innocence, up to 10,000 people per year are convicted for crimes they did not commit. From this experience, Chad vowed to make change and therefore started dooProcess, a collaboration between his passion for Fashion and Activism.