Top 5 Things you Should do When Wrongfully Arrested

5 Tips from a person who was wrongfully arrested

1.) If you can afford a private attorney, I HIGHLY suggest hiring one. Public defenders are usually underpaid and overworked and won’t be able to give your case the attention it needs.

2.) If you cannot afford a private attorney, then make sure your public defender is a good one. Do your due diligence and research him/her or ask around about him/her. If you feel your public defender is not the best fit for you, then you have the right to request a new one.
3.) As soon as you can, write down everything you remember about what happened in the hours before, during and after you were arrested. This will help you remember what happened more clearly and potentially uncover things that can get your case dismissed – for example, did they read you your rights? Every detail matters – who you were with, what time it was, etc.
4.) Don’t be afraid or ashamed to tell people what happened. In my case I only told a select few people because I didn’t want the news out there that I had been arrested and people putting their opinions into it. I thought it would be better if I handled it myself and just fought through it. I was wrong… don’t be afraid to share the story of your injustice, the more you share it the more you are likely to find someone that can help you.
5.) Keep your head up. Don’t let a wrongful arrest stop you from reaching your goals in life. It’s just a small obstacle on your way to success.

Chad Williams

Founder of dooProcess


Chad is the founder of dooProcess, a streetwear clothing brand with a social justice theme. Chad was wrongfully arrested back in 2018 and had to experience the criminal justice system first handedly. Today he is now giving back by giving individuals who can be in his position tips from a person who has been in their position.

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