Top 5 Things Not To-Do in Criminal Court

Top 5 with dooProcess

1.) Do not chew gum. The judge will not take it lightly, and will see it as you disrespecting them.

2.) Do not sag your pants. On purpose or if even on accident, it will not help your case at all. Wear a belt!
3.) Do not wear a wife beater. I personally witnessed a judge kick somebody out of their courtroom because they wore a wife beater. It was about 1000 degrees that day.
4.) Do not have an attitude. Unfortunately, even if you did not commit the crime and aggravated, your future lies in the judge's hands, and you have to have to utmost respect for them.
5.)  Do not show up late; if you miss when your name is called, your court date will be rescheduled, or if you miss too many dates, the judge will give her verdict, and it will not be in your favor

Chad Williams

Founder of dooProcess


Chad is the founder of dooProcess, a streetwear clothing brand with a social justice theme. Chad was wrongfully arrested back in 2018 and had to experience the criminal justice system first handedly. Today he is now giving back by giving individuals who can be in his position tips from a person who has been in their position.

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