Flatbush Man Launches Social Justice Clothing Line

Fifteen percent of the proceeds will be donated to non-profit social justice organizations.

Inspired by the George Floyd protests, Flatbush resident Chad Williams has released a new t-shirt for his streetwear brand DooProcess, reported News 12.
The name references to the term for legal access to fair treatment in the judicial system.
The t-shirts detail the Minneapolis Police Department’s force regulations to highlight how it failed George Floyd. The laws printed on the back, are followed by a majority of police departments.
“If a protester is on the ground on their stomach in handcuffs by an officer then like the use of force regulations that they’re supposed to follow would be on the back of the shirt so like they would have no reason to not follow the rules that they swear to,” says Williams.
Williams, who is a recent college grad has had his own unsavory encounter with the justice system. He hopes that these t-shirts will help save the life of someone else.
“I was wrongly arrested for a crime I did not commit. And I had to like experience the justice system, from the public defenders to the judges,” Williams said.
Fifteen percent of the proceeds made from purchases will be donated to non-profit organizations committed to social justice. You can purchase this shirt and other clothing items on the website here.

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